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Jimmy and the Wolf Head East, a BeerGustation Dinner


To celebrate Oz Beer Day on December 3rd, Orient East has teamed up with Wolf of the Willows and Brewcult for a feast to excite all senses.

Named Jimmy and the Wolf Head East, this eight-course ‘BeerGustation’ dinner promises a banquet of contemporary Asian dishes expertly matched with exciting beers from the two dynamic brewers. We all know that Asian food goes well with beer so expect to see plenty of wonderful pairings.

Those who joined us for the Plonk wine dinner last month will be delighted to see the likes of our lamb rib shao bing and salted duck egg yolk chicken wings make return appearances. Same goes for the wildly popular taro roast duck with kumquat marmalade, a flavoursome dish that pays tribute to a classic Cantonese favourite.

The BeerGustation menu will also feature pearl dumplings, dan dan Sichuan noodles and salted egg donuts, just to name a few. These will be paired with a variety of crisp ales from both breweries with a few eye-openers thrown in for good measure – think a crisp, clean lager with a touch of bitterness (BrewCult’s Spoiler Alert!) as well as a glass of smoky JSP finished with dark chocolate and espresso notes from Wolf of the Willows. We’ll even throw in a Mai Tai IPA cocktail for fun, too.

Tickets for Jimmy and the Wolf Head East are selling fast. At $65 a pop, you’ll get a feast of eight dishes and seven beers (oh, and the Mai Tai IPA cocktail as well). To book your spot, email us at or give us a call on 03 9685 2900. Be quick, we only have a limited number of spots available!

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